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The 66-foot tall bottle has LEDs behind translucent white panels and everything changes by the second. A note of caution: There is no storm shelter at Pops or anywhere nearby!

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POPS & PASSING SUV (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)WILL JUMP FOR POPS (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)SODA SILHOUETTE (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)MIATA SUNSET  (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)POPS AT NIGHT (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)GTO AT POPS ('66) (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)ARTIFICIAL COLOR (SOLARIZED) (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)POPS SIGN, SHADOW & 66 (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)POPS SIGN, SHADOW & 66 (SOLARIZED) (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)ZERO, NO, SODA (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)SOFT, SINCE  (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)BOTTLE REFLECTIONS (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)POPS SWIRL (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)POPS & DOUBLE REFLECTION (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)MOON OVER POPS (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)FULL MOON (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)MOON & BOTTLE TOP (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)MOON OVER WHITE POPS (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)M SODA (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)M SODA (SOLARIZED) (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)