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RED FIN #1 ('59 Chevy) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)CAFE SIGN #1 (Rt 66 San Fidel NM)SUPER CHROME AND PAINT (@'50 Crosley) (Central TX)POPS SWIRL (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)$200 CHEVY TRUCK AND TRAFFIC (Rt 66 and I-40 nr Amarillo TX)ALL GET ALONG (Rt 66 Santa Monica CA)PEACE, LOVE  + (Rt 66 VW Bug Ranch Conway TX)CLOUD RISING ABOVE RUBBLE WALL (Rt 66 Montoya NM)BILL'S 57 CHEVY & MOVIE STARS (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)ETERNITY? (I-40 AR)COLEMAN THEATER BALCONY, BIRD & SHADOW (Rt 66 Miami OK)HUDSON HORNET CHROME ('50s) (Rt 66 Galena KS)BLUR ON 66 #12 (Rt 66 Springfield IL)TIME TO EAT (Palo Pinto TX)PONTIAC NOIR (Rt 66 Albuquerque NM)THREE HEADLIGHTS, THREE PEOPLE (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)LITTLE CROSSINGS BRIDGE (1813) (National Road, nr Grantsville MD)MOTORCYCLE CRUISE #17 (Rt 66 Luther OK)WAGON WHEEL REMNANT (NE)SUN THROUGH SIGN (Rt 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge IL/MO)