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About photographer Frank Gifford:

In a video-dominated world where images jump, twitch and jiggle (but almost never linger) I prefer a so-called "still" photograph that does something far more remarkable.  It freezes time and motion, and provides a License to Stare.

Rt 66 Pix is a convenient trade name (and snappy URL).  The actual scope is much broader: 98% of the images were taken elsewhere.

Main subjects include American life, mobility and transportation.  Other galleries are devoted to Famous Cities, Preservation, Artistic Blur, Rust, Street Photography and even Cosplay.

Rather than photograph in one style, I adjust my technique to the subject matter.  Frequently this involves intentional blur or grain.  Some images become Photo-Derived Art with added effects like watercolor or oil paint.  The goal is to capture both the scene and the atmosphere, transcending a documentary approach.

The Tech page has a detailed discussion of photography and artistic influences, plus thoughts on equipment.  

The site is viewed in 170 countries.  Images appear in museums, magazines and calendars.  Currently, 19 Mother Road photographs are on display at the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler OK,  Others are at Home 66 in Slovakia,

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