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This gallery features Oatman AZ and the mountainous road sections on both sides. This was Route 66 until 1952.

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NO CARROTS! (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)TRAFFIC CIRCLE (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)TREES ON OATMAN ROAD (RT 66 nr Oatman AZ)THE CLIMB (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)FEEDING TIME (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)EASTBOUND AND DOWN (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)COOL SPRINGS (Rt 66 nr McConnico AZ)ED'S CAMP AND KACTUS KAFE (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)ED'S CAMP (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)KACTUS KAFE (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)OATMAN HOTEL SIGN-DETAIL (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)HISTORIC 66 SHIELD (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)WESTBOUND ON OATMAN ROAD (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)HISTORIC US 66 SHIELD (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)DELOREAN (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)GUARD CABLES (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)PLYWOOD SIGN (Rt 66 Oatman AZ)PROPANE TRUCK (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)FDNY MOTORCYCLE (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)V (Rt 66 nr Oatman AZ)