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DESIGNATED DRIVER (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)BRICK SECTION (Lincoln Highway nr Robertsville OH)URBAN SCENE #31 (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)HOTEL NEVADA (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)DUNKLE'S GULF #2 (Lincoln Highway Bedford PA)ATOMIC PEPPERONI ROLLS #2 (Lincoln Highway Pittsburgh PA)LINCOLN MOTOR COURT #6 (Lincoln Highway nr Schellsburg PA)NEWARK #1 (Lincoln Highway Newark NJ)TUCKER, TUCKER MODEL & BOY (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)CHASE #2 (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)TIMES SQUARE #51 (Lincoln Highway New York)TIMES SQUARE #683 (Lincoln Highway New York)TIMES SQUARE #497 (Lincoln Highway New York)JERSEY CITY #3 (Lincoln Highway Jersey City NJ)NEWARK #67 (Lincoln Highway Newark NJ)PRINCETON #12 (Lincoln Highway Princeton NJ)BRIDGE AHEAD (Lincoln Highway Wrightsville PA)BATTLEFIELD #1 (Lincoln Highway Gettysburg PA)SHOE HOUSE #1 (Lincoln Highway Hallam PA)BRIDGE VIEW ACROSS #2 (Lincoln Highway nr Chester WV)