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The Erie Canal (Albany-Buffalo NY) links New York City to the Great Lakes and Midwest. It was built through a wilderness 1817-1825 and started operating before the first US railroad was even begun. It is now mainly used for recreation.

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TUG ERIE (Erie Canal Herkimer NY)TWO CYCLISTS (Erie Canal Pittsford NY)SPILLWAY, RIDER & FLAG (Erie Canal Lockport NY)FALLS ON SPILLWAY (Erie Canal Lockport NY)EASTBOUND AFTER DAWN (Erie Canal Lockport NY)HANGING BASKETS & WATERFALLS (Erie Canal Lockport NY)LEAVING AT DAWN (Erie Canal Lockport NY)TORSO (Erie Canal Lockport NY)BOAT, FLAG & WAKE (Erie Canal nr North Tonawanda NY)COLOR UNDERFOOT (Erie Canal Pittsford NY)PAINTED LOCOMOTIVE-DETAIL (Erie Canal Utica NY)NY 269 (Erie Canal Utica NY)TWO FLAGS DOWNTOWN (Erie Canal Medina NY)FORMER DARK SATANIC MILL (Erie Canal Little Falls NY)THE LOOKOUT (Erie Canal Little Falls NY)WHEELS IN WEEDS (Erie Canal Little Falls NY)DEWITT CLINTON & REFLECTION (Erie Canal Gasport NY)RAILROAD BRIDGE STEEL (Erie Canal North Tonawanda NY)IT FLOATS (Erie Canal Brockport NY)THE AWNING (Erie Canal Brockport NY)