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Original pavement, bridges or alignment of the National Road are featured here--perhaps as a minor element. All images were taken after the year 2000.

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PEDESTRIAN & LAMP (National Road Wheeling WV)PUMPKIN SCENE (National Road Cumberland MD)LITTLE CROSSINGS BRIDGE (1813) (National Road nr Grantsville MD)GATEPOST & TOLL HOUSE (National Road LaVale MD)RUSTING MILE MARKER AFTER RAIN (National Road Western MD)BACKSIDE--91 TO CUMBERLAND (National Road PA)GATEPOST (National Road nr Frostburg MD)POST & CHAIN (National Road Addison PA)LITTLE CROSSINGS BRIDGE-BELOW (National Road nr Grantsville MD)PORCH VIEW-SEARIGHTS (National Road nr Uniontown PA)SHEEP & SHEPHERD-SEARIGHTS (National Road nr Uniontown PA)NATIONAL ROAD WEST, ARROW (National Road Wheeling WV)3-ARCH STONE BRIDGE (National Road Wheeling WV)DOUBLE LANES (National Road Wheeling WV)EASTBOUND INTO WHEELING (National Road Wheeling WV)HISTORY OF TRANSPORTATION (National Road nr Grantsville MD)MARSH, WHEELING (National Road Wheeling WV)TION (National Road Wheeling WV)BOATS FROM BRIDGE (National Road Wheeling WV)SKYLINE FROM REAR (National Road Wheeling WV)