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This gallery primarily samples the Oregon and California Trails from east to west through contemporary scenes and artifacts. Some areas, especially along roads, have changed significantly.

Many images involve the Pony Express or Lincoln Highway which used part of the same route.

Contemporary scenes along the Mormon Trail are shown from Nauvoo IL across IA. It then paralleled and sometimes joined the Oregon and California Trails.

Related images are in the Vanishing America, Pony Express, Twin Streaks of Rust, St. Joseph MO and Lincoln Highway galleries. Mormon images from UT are in the Lincoln Highway UTAH gallery.

This gallery in a very early stage of development. These images are only offered here. The copyright watermark does not appear.

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Keywords:American West, California Trail, Manifest Destiny, Oregon Trail, Pioneer Days, Pioneer Trail, Wagon Trail, Western Migration

COVERED WAGON & YUCCA (Gering NE)RE-RIDE #33 (nr Hanover KS)RE-RIDE #38 (nr Hanover KS)OXEN & WAGON (Lincoln Highway nr Kearney NE)RE-RIDE #40 (nr Fairbury NE)PIONEER SCENE (nr Fairbury NE)WHERE THEY CROSSED (nr Fairbury NE)RE-RIDE #26 (nr Fairbury NE)RE-RIDE #79 (nr Fairbury NE)RE-RIDE #84 (nr Fairbury NE)RE-RIDE #85 (nr Fairbury NE)WAGON WHEEL REMNANT (nr Fairbury NE)WAGON WHEEL AND AXLE (nr Fairbury NE)WAGON WHEELS (Lincoln Highway Sutherland NE)WAGON WHEELS #2 (Lincoln Highway nr Sutherland NE)WAGON WHEELS #3 (Lincoln Highway nr Sutherland NE)BROKEN WHEEL (Lincoln Highway Big Springs NE)TWO SHADOWS, ONE WHEEL (Lincoln Highway Big Springs NE)RE-RIDE #30 (nr Bayard NE)RE-RIDER AT CHIMNEY ROCK (nr Bayard NE)