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They began in the late 40s and lasted through the mid-60s on GM's Cadillacs. Chrysler Corporation led the way in the late 50s. And 1959 was clearly the peak year, on GM's Chevrolet and Cadillac.

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THE PINK FIN (Rt 66 Oklahoma City)BUICK AND KIDDIE CAR ('59) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)RED FIN #1 ('59 Chevy) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)RED FIN #2 ('60 Chevy) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)CADILLAC CAFE (@'55) (Rt 61 Blues Hwy Leland MS)IMPERIAL FIN, LIGHT & CONTRAIL (Rt 66 nr Albuquerque NM)CADILLAC STYLE ('48 FASTBACK) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF ('61 CHRYSLER) (Rt 66 OK)THE AMERICAN DREAM (nr McAlester OK)IMPERIAL CROWN REAR ('62) (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)FIN ('57 T-BIRD) AND BLUE SWALLOW SIGN (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)T-BIRD ('57) AND BLUE SWALLOW SIGN AT SUNSET (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)MADE IN THE USA ('57 T-BIRD) (Rt 66 Amarillo TX)BILL'S 57 CHEVY & MOVIE STARS (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)FIN FINIS ('47 CADILLAC) (Rt 66 White Oak OK)GOLD FIN ('58 PACKARD HAWK) (Rt 66 Afton OK)CHEVY ('59) WITH CONTINENTAL KIT (Rt 66 Springfield IL)FIN TIP ('59 CHEVY) (Rt 66 Springfield IL)BATWING VIEW ('59 CHEVY) (Rt 66 Springfield IL)FIN ON 1960 DESOTO (Rt 66 Springfield IL)