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This gallery offers a sampler of designs typical of the decade. Ford's Model T is only sampled here--it was produced until 1927.

The "plateau" quote comes from a stock market guru who, in 1929, assured the public of nothing but good times ahead.

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FORD MODEL A & FLAT (Rt 66 Cuba MO)NATIONAL OLD TRAILS ROAD SIGN (Rt 66 Goffs CA)1926 MARKER AND BRIDGE (Rt 66 Chelsea OK)PRYOR CREEK BRIDGE 1926, WESTBOUND  (Rt 66 nr Chelsea OK)COLEMAN THEATER BALCONY, BIRD & SHADOW (Rt 66 Miami OK)COLEMAN THEATRE SIGN & BALCONY (Rt 66 Miami OK)MARSH ARCH BRIDGE, INTERIOR (Rt 66 nr Baxter Springs KS)MARSH ARCH BRIDGE BEFORE SUNRISE (Rt 66 nr Baxter Springs KS)BRIDGE CURVE (Rt 66 Devil's Elbow MO)BIKE & BOAT (Rt 66 Devil's Elbow Bridge MO)BRIDGE RAILING & BOAT (Rt 66 Devil's Elbow Bridge MO)USA STEEL & RUST (Rt 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge IL/MO)THE BEND, DETAIL (Rt 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge IL/MO)SUPERSTRUCTURE IN FOG (Rt 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge IL/MO)COLEMAN THEATRE FRONT (Rt 66 Miami OK)MOTORCYCLE & SHADOWS (Rt 66 Lake Overholser Bridge Oklahoma City)GRAFFITI MAGNETS (Rt 66 nr Bristow OK)WHIPPET ON BRICK (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)WESTBOUND BIKE, EASTBOUND FORD (Lincoln Highway Wood River NE)KIMO FROM WEST (Rt 66 Albuquerque NM)