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You don't need a cell phone to take an awful image--Nikons do just fine. These abject failures are for entertainment purposes only and do not appear in other galleries. You can however buy them as gag gifts. They will be unsigned...don't even ask!

These images are only offered here. The copyright watermark does not appear.

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LADY IN WHITE (nr Ely NV)BLURRY BIKERS (Rt 66 Luther OK)SHUTTER DELAY (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)BOARD ON BRIDGE (Rt 66 nr Amboy CA)ORANGE PONTIAC AND RED LIGHT (Rt 66 San Bernardino CA)BLUR FAIL (Rt 66 San Bernardino CA)YELLOW EYESTRAIN ON 66 (Rt 66 San Bernardino CA)BAD CONCEPT! BAD! BAD! (Rt 66 Amboy CA)FLAMING CARRIAGE (San Antonio TX)ONCOMING CICADA (Natchez Trace MS)A NEW USE! (Natchez Trace Nashville TN)BIG BLUE FAIL (Lincoln Highway New York)OAK ALLEY #0 (Vacherie LA)FOGGED-IN (San Francisco)