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Enjoy yourself on the National (Cumberland) Road in Indiana!

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ARTSGARDEN #1 (National Road Indianapolis IN)ARTSGARDEN #2 (National Road Indianapolis IN)CIRCUS CONIES & CONES (National Road Seelyville IN)1865-ERA HOUSE (National Road nr Avon IN)PEACE ON EARTH BARN (National Road Western IN)CHEWS (National Road Western IN)BROKEN LIMB (National Road Western IN)MOSS ON BRIDGE (National Road Western IN)CEDAR CREST MOTEL SIGN (National Road Western IN)BRIDGE IN WINTER (National Road Western IN)HORSES AT CEDAR CREST MOTEL RUINS (National Road Western IN)WALMART TRUCKS & ABANDONED BUILDING (National Road nr Brazil IN)PAVEMENT EROSION (National Road Western IN)CHICKEN CROSSING (National Road Western IN)TO TERRE (CLABBER GIRL SIGN DETAIL) (National Road nr Terre Haute IN)ROAD SIGNS IN SPRING (National Road IN)CLABBER GIRL SIGN DETAIL (National Road nr Terre Haute IN)MANHATTAN (National Road Manhattan IN)APPARITION (National Road Plainfield IN)PUB #1 (National Road Terre Haute IN)