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Enjoy yourself on the Lincoln Highway in West Virginia...all 5-miles of it! A 1927 realignment added WV, just as the numbered highway system was taking hold.

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TEAPOT & TRAFFIC (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)TEAPOT (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)FRAMED TREE IN AUTUMN (Lincoln Highway nr Chester WV)RED LIGHT WITH A VIEW (Lincoln Highway nr Chester WV)TEAPOT AND VEHICLES (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)PARKING ON SIDE (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)OPPOSING FLAGS (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)BRIDGE PILLAR (Lincoln Highway nr Chester WV)OUTSIDE WIRING JOB (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)BRIDGE VIEW ACROSS #1 (Lincoln Highway nr Chester WV)BRIDGE VIEW ACROSS #2 (Lincoln Highway nr Chester WV)TEAPOT, CAR & MAN (Lincoln Highway Chester WV)