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These 66 images spotlight kids on the road and attractions of special interest. Every mouse-click brings a surprise!

The entire Route 66 image collection is almost 50-times the size of this sampler gallery.

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RIDIN' SHOTGUN #28 (Rt 66 San Bernardino CA)TUNED, RUSTED & READY (Rt 66 Galena KS)MONSTER AND MANNEQUIN (Rt 66 nr Painted Desert AZ)EL DON NEON DETAIL (Rt 66 Albuquerque NM)BLUE WHALE #1 EAST DETAIL WITH GIRL (Rt 66 Catoosa OK)GIRL TRAPPED IN BLUE WHALE! (Rt 66 Catoosa OK)BILL'S 57 CHEVY & MOVIE STARS (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)HOT ROD TOOL BOX (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)COWBOY MOTEL SIGN DETAIL (Rt 66 Amarillo TX)FIN ON 1960 DESOTO (Rt 66 Springfield IL)WILD TURKEY TRACKS (RT 66 nr Nilwood IL)DINNER AT THE DINER (Rt 66 Albuquerque NM)TRAFFIC & DINOSAUR (Rt 66/I-40 nr Painted Desert AZ)GIRL & BOY WITH SPRAY PAINT (Rt 66 Cadillac Ranch TX)ARTIST AND SHADOW (Rt 66 Cadillac Ranch TX)CRUISIN' 66-STYLE #51 (Rt 66 San Bernardino CA)BALLOON AND CLOWN (Rt 66 Santa Monica Pier CA)COZY DOG & CHEVY (Rt 66 Springfield IL)S SODA (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)GIANT AND ADMIRERS (Rt 66 Atlanta IL)