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MIATA SUNSET  (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)BLUE WHALE #1 EAST DETAIL WITH GIRL (Rt 66 Catoosa OK)TIMES SQUARE #1478 (Lincoln Highway New York)RUSTY IN A REARVIEW MIRROR (Rt 66 Santa Rosa NM)URBAN SCENE #104 (Lincoln Highway Reno NV)TIMES SQUARE #118 (Lincoln Highway New York)LOWER MANHATTAN #93 (New York)TIMES SQUARE #88 (Lincoln Highway New York)BAR SCENE-MORNING (Virginia City NV)POST OFFICE RUN (Rt 66 Depew OK)MOTHER ROAD SIGN AND TRUCK (Rt 66 Chandler OK)STATE LINE MARKER & RUIN (Rt 66 Glenrio TX/NM)$200 CHEVY TRUCK (Rt 66 nr Amarillo TX)TUNED, RUSTED & READY (Rt 66 Galena KS)TIMES SQUARE #497 (Lincoln Highway New York)TINSEL FLAG (National Road Richmond IN)TIMES SQUARE #35 (Lincoln Highway New York)URBAN SCENE #54 (Natchez Trace Nashville TN)MIDTOWN #26 (New York)BEALE STREET #239 (Memphis TN)