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Many images were shot for pleasure. Other photographs that incorporate trees and vines etc. are in the gallery "Artistic Pretensions."

These images are only offered here. The copyright watermark does not appear.

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EYE CANDY (Nacogdoches TX)THE ROSES (Tyler TX)PARKING GARAGE WINDOW (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)THREE LIGHTS (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)YUCCA AND STONE WALL (San Antonio TX)LATE ROSE EARLY SNOW (nr Detroit )FALLS ON SPILLWAY (Erie Canal Lockport NY)VIADUCT, DANDELIONS & INSECT (Nicholson PA)STOCKADE #6 (Erie Canal Schenectady NY)HANGING BASKETS (Saratoga Springs NY)FLOWERS #1 (Saratoga Springs NY)HANGING BASKET & JEEP (National Road Frostburg MD)WINDOW ON MAIN (National Road Frostburg MD)BASKET & REFLECTIONS (Lincoln Highway Cheyenne WY)MIST #2 (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)FLOWERS & FAN (Lincoln Highway Loveland CO)WAGON WHEELS #2 (Lincoln Highway nr Sutherland NE)CANALSIDE #3 (Erie Canal Buffalo NY)FLORAL ARRANGEMENT (Colorado Springs CO)951 (Lincoln Highway Pittsburgh PA)