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This gallery celebrates life in motion along the Erie Canal, Natchez Trace, Pony Express route and miscellaneous locations. These images are only offered here. The copyright watermark does not appear. Because of cropping etc. some images are not available as large size prints.

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Keywords:boating, erie canal, natchez trace, pony express, recreation

PASSENGERS LOCKING THROUGH (Erie Canal Lockport NY)TWO CYCLISTS (Erie Canal Pittsford NY)SPILLWAY, RIDER & FLAG (Erie Canal Lockport NY)EASTBOUND AFTER DAWN (Erie Canal Lockport NY)LEAVING AT DAWN (Erie Canal Lockport NY)BOAT, FLAG & WAKE (Erie Canal nr North Tonawanda NY)THE LOOKOUT (Erie Canal Little Falls NY)DEWITT CLINTON & REFLECTION (Erie Canal Gasport NY)ON DECK (Erie Canal Lockport NY)DOWN AND EASTBOUND (Erie Canal Lockport NY)HAND ON THE WHEEL (Erie Canal Rockport NY)TWO LIFT BRIDGES (Erie Canal Lockport NY)TUG & LIFT BRIDGE (Erie Canal Gasport NY)LOCK SPECTATORS (Erie Canal Lockport NY)SPECTATOR & BRIDGES (Erie Canal Lockport NY)TUG & JOGGERS (Erie Canal Gasport NY)CANAL REFLECTION (Erie Canal Camillus NY)CAPTAIN'S VIEW (Erie Canal Herkimer NY)WAITING TO LOCK-THRU (Erie Canal Lockport NY)AMISH BUGGY & PUMPKINS (Erie Canal Palatine Bridge NY)