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Enjoy yourself on Rt 66 in Arizona!

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EAGLES PHOTO-OP (Rt 66 Winslow AZ)IS (Jackrabbit AZ)PUMPS AND VEHICLES (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)EMPTY SIGN #1 (Rt 66 Holbrook AZ)TRUCK LEFT REAR FENDER (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)CACTI & WRECK (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)RED GMC TRUCK AT HACKBERRY (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)SUPER, FUEL ('57 Buick) (Rt 66 AZ)WRECKS IN DRY WASH (Rt 66 nr Painted Desert AZ)WRECK AND BRIDGE GRAFFITI (Rt 66 nr Painted Desert AZ)SLEEP IN A WIGWAM (Rt 66 Holbrook AZ)BUICK, COLOR: RED (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)STUDEBAKER HAWK FRONT END (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)CHRYSLER WOODIE ('48) (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)LINCOLN ZEPHYR HOT ROD (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)ORIGINAL BURMA-SHAVE SIGNS (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)STUD ('50s Studebaker Pickup) (Rt 66 Holbrook AZ)JACKRABBIT SIGN DETAIL (Rt 66 Jackrabbit AZ)COLD DRINKS SIGN, WEST WALL (Rt 66 Painted Desert AZ)300 MILES DESERT AHEAD (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)