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This gallery prominently features farming and ranching scenes, including equipment new and old. Incidental background scenes of agriculture like farm towns and pickup trucks are in state or category galleries.

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Category:Lifestyle and Recreation
Subcategory:Rural Life
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Keywords:American agricultulture, agri-business, agribusiness, agriculture, farm, farm equipment, farm life, farm people, farming, farming tools, rural, rural life

TRACTOR IN WEEDS (Lincoln Highway Shelton NE)JOHN DEERE GREETING (Lincoln Highway nr Fort Morgan CO)COWS & SIGN (Rt 66 Erick OK)AMERICAN GOTHIC III (Lincoln Highway Warsaw IN)COLLAPSING DOORWAY (Rt 66 Jericho TX)FIN & FURROWS (Rt 66 Cadillac Ranch TX)JERICHO GAP MUD (Rt 66 E of Jericho TX)ROUND BARN & HONDA MOTORCYCLE (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)TREE & TIES (Rt 66 nr Continental Divide NM)BRIDGE & TREES ON DIRT 66 (Rt 66 nr Vega TX)CLOUD WATCHING AS ENTERTAINMENT (Rt 66 nr Adrian TX)WRECK, RUIN & TREE (Rt 66 nr Endee NM)ORIGINAL ROAD & WINDMILL (Rt 66, Santa Rosa NM)BARBED WIRE & RUIN AT DAWN (Rt 66 nr Endee NM)RANCH & TUCUMCARI MOUNTAIN (Rt 66 nr Tucumcari NM)THE MASCOT (Rt 66 Amarillo TX)BIG TEXAN AND COW (Amarillo TX)ALL FARMED OUT (Rt 66 Livingston County IL)THE CRAPDUSTER & 66 (Rt 66 nr Carthage MO)THE CRAPDUSTER (Rt 66 nr Carthage MO)