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This gallery offers a sampler of designs typical of the decade.

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CHRYSLER WOODIE ('48) (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)COWS & SIGN (Rt 66 Erick OK)NASH HOOD, GRILLE & WEED ('49) (Rt 66 Kellyville OK)JOE M. KANSAS CITY NASH ('49) (Rt 66 Kellyville OK)WRECKS IN DRY WASH (Rt 66 nr Painted Desert AZ)CADILLAC STYLE ('48 FASTBACK) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)FEED ('49 NASH AIRFLYTE) (Rt 66 Kellyville OK)YOUR TOWN OKLAHOMA HUDSON (nr McAlester OK)FUTURAMIC ('48-50 Oldsmobile) (Rt 66 Flagstaff AZ)HUPMOBILE ('41) FRONT DETAIL (Rt 66 Afton OK)MONTANA GAS STATION (Hammond MT)BELL GAS SIGN (Rt 66 Tulsa OK)SUN-BLEACHED DODGE ('49) TAIL LIGHT (Rt 66 nr Amarillo TX)FUTURISTIC SINCLAIR STATION (Plainview TX)CHEVY PICKUP ('41) DOOR (Rt 66 Amarillo TX)BUICK GRILLE ('41)  (nr McAlester OK)CADILLAC CREST ON RUST (1947) (Rt 66 White Oak OK)CADILLAC CHROME (1947) (Rt 66 White Oak OK)FIN FINIS ('47 CADILLAC) (Rt 66 White Oak OK)WILDER'S RESTAURANT JOPLIN SIGN (Rt 66 nr Carthage MO)