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Common words or phrases are alphabetized and prominent in these images. Letters and numbers follow.

Terms like CAFE, GARAGE, ROUTE 66 and USA are only sampled here--many more photographs are in individual galleries. Also see the "Original Signs! Original Artists!" gallery.

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IS (Jackrabbit AZ)URBAN SCENE #50 (New Orleans LA)URBAN SCENE #313 (Lincoln Highway San Francisco)A. STONER (Lincoln Highway McConnellsburg PA)ABUNDANT (El Paso TX)STYLE #46 (Taos NM)URBAN SCENE #177 (New Orleans LA)SUBWAY FROM ABOVE (Lincoln Highway Donner Pass CA)ADVENTURE (Lincoln Highway Donner Pass CA)AIN'T GOD GREAT (Gun Barrel City TX)AIR CONDITIONED (Lincoln Highway Greensburg PA)TIMES SQUARE #1324 (Lincoln Highway New York)ALCOHOL SOLUTION (Stephenville TX)BROKEN PIECES (Rt 66 Conway TX)BEALE STREET #186 (Memphis TN)COLORADO STYLE #54 (nr Ouray CO)IOSEPA #5 (Lincoln Highway Iosepa UT)AMERICA (SOLARIZED) (Anywhere USA)AMERICAN MADE (New Madrid MO)AND (National Road Terre Haute IN)