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T-shirt and sweatshirt images not related to Route 66 or the American Road are here. These captioned images are optional for other products. Custom-captioning is available. The copyright watermark does not appear.

In addition, any NON-captioned photograph can be put on clothing just as it appears.

NOTE ON BLACK AND NATURAL-COLORED MERCHANDISE: Any white areas appearing outside the image and caption are NOT printed, and will remain black or natural.

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I Used to be FatAsk Me About My Cheeseburger Diet!USA! USA! #1I Shop I AM!Life's Too Short for Light Beer!Must. Eat. Ants. Drink. Light. Beer.Light Beer Great With Ants!Life's a prehistoric beach, then you dieWe're Paving ParadiseUSA! USA! #2Support GroupOnly Had One Bling And Now It's Gone!Walamelon, Americah Cain't Spel!Coke Machines in HellMy Life is Like a Country Song #1Motel 3 Half as NiceAre We There Yet?Tow Mater's Uncle RustyOne Owner Miss GrundyAsk Me About Our Budget Motel Room!