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This gallery houses images from north-central NM. Rt 66 went through Santa Fe until 1937. And this was the southern end of the Santa Fe Trail.

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THREE LIGHTS (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)CANYON ROAD #1 (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)CANYON ROAD #2 (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)CANYON ROAD #3 (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)PARKING GARAGE WINDOW (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)MAILBOX NEAR SUNSET (Rt 66 nr Santa Fe NM)CHURCH (Rt 66 Dilia NM)BRIDGE (Rt 66 San Jose NM)SUNGLASSES (Rt 66 San Jose NM)BAR (Rt 66 Rowe NM)STATUE & WOMAN (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)FORTWO ON 66 (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)PASQUAL'S WINDOW (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)AMBIENCE (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)DOWNSPOUT DE SANTA FE (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)VINE & CORNER (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)PANTRY RESTAURANT NEON (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)CHURCH BEAMS (Abiquiu NM)NORMANDO'S CANTINA (Abiquiu NM)EL PINON (Abiquiu NM)