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WELCOME TO THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!URBAN SCENE #14 (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)TEXACO #1 (Rt 66 San Jon NM)T-BIRD ('57) AND BLUE SWALLOW SIGN AT SUNSET (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)THE JOY RIDE (Rt 66 Springfield IL)LUNA NEON DIAGONAL (Rt 66 Mitchell IL)GIANT AND ADMIRERS (Rt 66 Atlanta IL)FORD ('34) ON BRICK CURVE (Rt 66 nr Auburn IL)THE BEND IN FOG (Rt 66 Chain of Rocks Bridge IL/MO)OLD AND NEW ROADS (Rt 66 nr Rolla MO)BIKE & BOAT (Rt 66 Devil's Elbow Bridge MO)LINEUP UNDER NEON (Rt 66 Carthage MO)MARSH ARCH BRIDGE, INTERIOR (Rt 66 nr Baxter Springs KS)TUNED, RUSTED & READY (Rt 66 Galena KS)HORNET CHROME & WHEEL WELL (Rt 66 Galena KS)WESTBOUND ON ORIGINAL PAVEMENT (Rt 66 nr Clinton OK)BLUE WHALE #3, ENTRANCE WITH WOMAN (Rt 66 Catoosa OK)POPS & PASSING SUV (Rt 66 Arcadia OK)SURREAL 66 #4 (Rt 66 Shamrock TX)PHILLIPS 66 PUMPS & SIGN (Rt 66 Adrian TX)