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Most are pleasing photo-ops along the way. They also appear in Route 66 ALL IMAGES and state galleries.

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WINTER #67 (Rt 66 Santa Fe NM)WESTBOUND IN WINTER (Rt 66 Alanreed TX)GAS WAR, TANKER TRUCK (Rt 66 nr Paris Springs MO)ICICLES (Rt 66 nr Paris Springs MO)SINCLAIR NEON AT SUNSET (Rt 66 nr Paris Springs MO)GLOBES AT SUNSET (Rt 66 nr Paris Springs MO)ANDY'S FROZEN CUSTARD (Rt 66 Springfield MO)FROZEN CUSTARD SIGN IN SNOW (Rt 66 Springfield MO)PUMP IN WINTER (Rt 66 Funks Grove IL)BIRD AND SNOWMELT (Rt 66 Funks Grove IL)WE NEVER CLOSE! (Rt 66 nr Shamrock TX)WARMER OUTSIDE (Rt 66 nr Shamrock TX)PINK SNOW (Rt 66 Shamrock TX)TOWER STATION, U-DROP INN & ATM (Rt 66 Shamrock TX)FREEZING FOG VIEW (Rt 66 nr Shamrock TX)WINTER ON 66 (Rt 66 Alanreed TX)HIDDEN CAFE (Rt 66 Alanreed TX)MAGNOLIA STATION IN WINTER (Rt 66 Alanreed TX)KISER'S TEXACO IN WINTER (Rt 66 Alanreed TX)KISER'S & MERIT SIGN (Rt 66 Alanreed TX)