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The cities are Davenport and Bettendorf IA, Moline and Rock Island IL. This gallery features architectural details and street photography.

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Keywords:Davenport, Heartland, Island, Mississippi River, Mississippi River City, Moline, Quad Cities, Rock

PARLOR DOOR (Davenport IA)ANTIQUES (Davenport IA)AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME (Davenport IA)TWO CLOCKS (Davenport IA)R. (Davenport IA)BEST TILE (Davenport IA)CLOCK FACES (Davenport IA)CLOCK FACES-DETAIL (Davenport IA)SINCE 1908 (Moline IL)HEAT TREAT (Moline IL)STEPS #1 (Davenport IA)BLUES BROTHERS (Rock Island IL)TV ANTENNA (Rock Island IL)1830 (Rock Island IL)GHOST SIGNS (Rock Island IL)STEPS #2 (Davenport IA)TERRA COTTA & BRICK (Rock Island IL)ORDINARY (Moline IL)AWESOME (Moline IL)TERRA COTTA & TREE (Moline IL)