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If the number 66 appears (even as dots on fuzzy dice!) it's here. The US highway shield also qualifies, even highly stylized and without numbering.

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66 SIGN ON PICKUP (Rt 66 Adrian TX)OLD ROUTE 66 AUTO PARTS (Rt 66 San Jon NM)RT 66 AND QUAY ROAD M SIGN (Rt 66 nr Endee NM)PRIUS AND RT 66 SIGN (Rt 66 nr Endee NM)FUZZY DICE ('59 Chevy) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)NIGHTFALL, ROUTE 66 (Rt 66 nr Amboy CA)HISTORIC 66 SIGN (Rt 66 Rancho Cucamonga CA)HOME OF TOW TATER (TOW MATER) (Rt 66 Galena KS)STENCILED 66 SIGN ON SIDEWALK HIGHWAY (Rt 66 nr Narcissa OK)MARSH ARCH BRIDGE, INTERIOR (Rt 66 nr Baxter Springs KS)MARSH ARCH BRIDGE, INTERIOR (SOLARIZED) (Rt 66 nr Baxter Springs KS)PRYOR CREEK BRIDGE 1926, WESTBOUND  (Rt 66 nr Chelsea OK)PASSED BY (Rt 66 Dwight IL)BENT DOOR (Rt 66 Adrian TX)PHILLIPS 66 PUMPS & SIGN (Rt 66 Adrian TX)66 COURTS SIGN (Rt 66 Groom TX)PHILLIPS 66 PUMPS & COKE MACHINE (Rt 66 Adrian TX)PHILLIPS 66 GREEN/ORANGE PUMP (Rt 66 Adrian TX)RT 66 MONUMENT FROM ACROSS 66 (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)WILKERSON'S FRONT DOOR VIEW (Rt 66 Newkirk NM)