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"No" and its relatives "non" and "not" have their very own home. More like a gated community festooned with restrictions.

And NO Public Restrooms! Don't Even Ask! Thanks!

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NO (Galveston TX)NO ALCOHOL (Cairo IL)NO (MONTEREY MOTEL SIGN DETAIL) (Choteau OK)NO VACANCY MOTOR OIL (Rt 66 Cuba MO)TIRE ON POST (Lincoln Highway Granite WY)URBAN SCENE #33 (Memphis TN)INSPECTION STATION (Rt 66 nr Barstow CA)NO PHOTOS PLEASE (Rt 66 San Bernardino CA)NO TRESPASIN (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)NOT FOR SALE (Lincoln Highway Fallon NV)KAUFMANN'S CLOCK #3 (Lincoln Highway Pittsburgh PA)WWJP? (San Antonio TX)COLORADO ARCHITECTURE #5 (Trinidad CO)NO TURN ON RED (National Road Brownsville PA)NOT A ROBOT (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)NO PUBLIC RESTROOM! THANKS! (Natchez Trace Kosciusko MS)URBAN SCENE #6 (Chattanooga TN)JAMBOREE #30 (Walcott IA)BEALE STREET #122 (Memphis TN)NON-SKID (Hickory Corners MI)