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Subcategory:North America
Subcategory Detail:United States of America
Keywords:Cumberland Road Sampler, National Road Sampler

PUMPKIN SCENE (National Road Cumberland MD)WHERE THE ROAD BEGAN #2 (National Road Cumberland MD)REPAIRED MARKER (National Road nr Grantsville MD)MASON-DIXON LINE #1 (National Road MD-PA)GATEPOST & TOLL HOUSE (National Road Addison PA)BRICK STREET (National Road Brownsville PA)MARSH, WHEELING (National Road Wheeling WV)LION #2 (National Road Wheeling WV)PUSHBOAT & BRIDGE #2 (National Road Wheeling WV)S-BRIDGE #5 (National Road Blaine OH)PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE (National Road Springfield OH)WET BRICK (National Road Blaine OH)RUIN #3 (National Road nr Richmond IN)SIGN & TRAFFIC (National Road Knightstown IN)NAPTOWN MEMORIES (National Road Indianapolis IN)STOP PAY TOLL (National Road Eastern IL)ABANDONED WAGON, COLLAPSING HOUSE (National Road IL)SCULPTURE & CAPITOL #2 (National Road Vandalia IA)