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Enjoy yourself on the National (Cumberland) Road in Illinois!

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TRACTOR ON ABANDONED PAVEMENT (National Road IL)CROSS AND BILLBOARD BACKS (nr National Road Effingham IL)MOBILGAS GRAVITY PUMP (National Road Casey IL)16 CENT GAS (Mobilgas Gravity Pump) (National Road Casey IL)CAFE/MOBILGAS SIGN DETAIL (National Road Casey IL)STOP PAY TOLL (National Road Eastern IL)NEON PEGASUS (Mobilgas Symbol) (National Road Casey IL)CAFE/MOBILGAS SIGN (National Road Casey IL)GAS (NEON) SIGN (National Road Casey IL)PAINTED FLAG ON BARN ROOF IN RAIN (National Road IL)BASKETBALL NET ON ORIGINAL CONCRETE (National Road IL)CUMBERLAND ROAD SIGN (National Road IL)BOSTON COOLER (National Road Casey IL)1830S STONE BRIDGE (National Road IL)YELLOW FIELD IN SPRING (National Road IL)MERAMEC CAVERNS SIGN (National Road IL)ABANDONED WAGON, COLLAPSING HOUSE (National Road IL)ABANDONED WAGON ON ORIGINAL CONCRETE (National Road IL)PORCHES IN RAIN (National Road Greenup IL)DRINK COCA (National Road Greenup IL)