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Enjoy yourself on the Lincoln Highway in Iowa!

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TRACTOR GAS (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)CHEVY PICKUP ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)MOTORCYCLE BEFORE BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)IN MOTION (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)MOTORCYCLE ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)CAR ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)PUMP & CATTLE TRUCK (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)AUTO LAUNDRY (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)MARKER & PRESTON'S STATION (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)PRESTON'S STATION AT SUNSET (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)YOUNGVILLE (Lincoln Highway nr Watkins IA)FRESH TOMATOE'S (Lincoln Highway nr Cedar Rapids IA)DX SIGN FRAME (Lincoln Highway Chelsea IA)BANK & SKY (Lincoln Highway Woodbine IA)BANK & CLOUD (Lincoln Highway Woodbine IA)BRIDGE APPROACHING DAWN (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)INDIAN-RIGHT (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)INDIAN-RIGHT DETAIL (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)INDIAN-LEFT DETAIL (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)NEON INDIAN IN RAIN (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)