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Enjoy yourself on the Lincoln Highway in Illinois! Drawbridges in Joliet carried traffic for the Lincoln Highway's successor US 30, along with famous Route 66.

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MARQUEE ON MIRROR HOUSING (Lincoln Highway Aurora IL)VINTAGE (Lincoln Highway DeKalb IL)MIDWAY (Lincoln Highway nr Prairieville IL)MURAL AND MUSTANG (Lincoln Highway Sterling IL)NOSTALGIA TRIP (Lincoln Highway Fulton IL)RESTORED BUILDING AND FLAG (Lincoln Highway Fulton IL)KREATIVE (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)117 EAST MAIN (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)DA-BAR (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)PINK & BLUE HOUSE (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)WAVY VICTORIAN (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)MASONIC LODGE (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)MULTIPLE REFLECTIONS (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)THE BAR SCENE (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)H.A. BOYD (Lincoln Highway Morrison IL)TWO AWNINGS & CORNICE (Lincoln Highway Dixon IL)NON-ORIGINAL PAINTED SIGN (Lincoln Highway nr Franklin Park IL)STANDARD STATION (Lincoln Highway Rochelle IL)STANDARD, STANDARD (Lincoln Highway Rochelle IL)100 YEARS APART (Lincoln Highway Creston IL)