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Enjoy yourself on the Lincoln Highway in Colorado! The state was on the route from 1913-15.

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LARIMER SQUARE-NIGHT #1 (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)GHOST TRUCK & BUILDING (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)URBAN SCENE #1 (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)CONDENSED HISTORY (Lincoln Highway Julesburg CO)JULESBURG & LOCOMOTIVE (Julesburg CO)URBAN SCENE #2 (Lincoln Highway Denver CO)SKYLINE & MORNING RUSH HOUR (Lincoln Highway Julesburg CO)THE GREAT (Lincoln Highway Ovid CO)WELCOME SIGNS (Lincoln Highway nr Julesburg CO)HIPPODROME (Lincoln Highway Julesburg CO)ABANDONED PLANT (Lincoln Highway Ovid CO)1920 SCHOOL (Lincoln Highway Sedgwick CO)SPANISH CANOPY STATION (Lincoln Highway Sedgwick CO)LIBRARY, 1888 (Lincoln Highway Sedgwick CO)NELSON'S CAFE (Lincoln Highway Crook CO)ADVICE & ENLIGHTENMENT (Lincoln Highway Hillrose CO)MERCANTILE (Lincoln Highway Hillrose CO)BLACKSMITH SHOP (Lincoln Highway Hillrose CO)THE PRIZE (Lincoln Highway Brush CO)VALLEY DRIVE IN (Lincoln Highway Fort Morgan CO)