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CHEVY PICKUP ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)CUBBY BEAR PIZZA (Lincoln Highway Elkhart IN)GANGSTER TABLEAU (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)STUDEBAKER TILE (Lincoln Highway Mishawaka IN)OVER THE TOP (Lincoln Highway South Bend IN)1917 GARAGE (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)1917 GARAGE-DETAIL (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)1880, SORG SIGN (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)CORNER CONFECTION (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)MARQUEE CORNER (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)MORTARED BRICK #1 (Lincoln Highway nr Ligonier IN)MORTARED BRICK #2 (Lincoln Highway nr Ligonier IN)REO CARS & MAIL POUCH (Lincoln Highway Ligonier IN)CLASSIC GHOST SIGNS (Lincoln Highway Ligonier IN)ARCHWAY CORNER (Lincoln Highway South Bend IN)FRAMED STAIRCASE (Lincoln Highway Ligonier IN)PROUD TO BE (Lincoln Highway La Porte IN)PROUD TO BE-BACKSIDE (Lincoln Highway La Porte IN)OWL CIGAR (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)OWL CIGAR SIGN-DETAIL (Lincoln Highway Goshen IN)