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Enjoy yourself on Rt 66 in Illinois! Rt 66 bridges over the Mississippi River are in a separate gallery combining the IL and MO sides.

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BEL DR (SOLARIZED) (Rt 66 Mitchell IL)SURREAL 66 #1 (Rt 66 Springfield IL)GIANT AND ADMIRERS (Rt 66 Atlanta IL)HARLEY AT STANDARD STATION (Rt 66 Odell IL)RED FIN #2 ('60 Chevy) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)BRICK SECTION (Rt 66 Auburn IL)SEASHELL GRILLE ('54 Kaiser Darrin) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)WHITEWALL & FENDER SKIRT (@'52 Mercury) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)CHROME AND COUPLE ('60 Chevy) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)FUZZY DICE ('59 Chevy) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)CURVE IN ORIGINAL PAVEMENT (Rt 66 IL)OLD POLE, WIRE & STORM CLOUDS (Rt 66 IL)OLD YELLOW STRIPE (Rt 66 IL)TWIN OAKS GAS FOR LESS (Rt 66 IL)ART'S MOTEL SIGNS (Rt 66 IL)MERNIN'S COURTS SIGN (Rt 66 Springfield IL)NAME-BRAND GAS (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)RIGHT-OF-WAY MARKER (Rt 66 IL)MODEL A AT STANDARD STATION (Rt 66 Odell IL)PULLING IN, STANDARD STATION (Rt 66 Odell IL)