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This gallery samples vandalism, graffiti and other destruction along the road. Most of the damage is to isolated structures in the western half. Images in other galleries were taken years earlier.

Many of these are "record shots" taken for my own use and not for display. They do not appear in other galleries and are not for sale.

The remaining images are only offered here. The copyright watermark does not appear.

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Keywords:Route 66 destruction, Route 66 graffiti, Route 66 vandalism, Rt 66 destruction, Rt 66 graffiti, Rt 66 vandalism, vandalism

Vandalism PostcardDSC_8078_edited-2DSC_7129_edited-1DSC_8027_edited-1DSC_8077_edited-1DSC_8066_edited-2DSC_8065-ed-2STATE LINE MARKER & RUIN (Rt 66 Glenrio TX/NM)NEW MEXICO/TEXAS MARKER (Rt 66 Glenrio NM/TX)SKYLIGHTS (Rt 66 Glenrio NM/TX)LEFT BEHIND (Rt 66 Glenrio NM/TX)RANDOM (Rt 66 nr Santa Rosa NM)CANOPY & SKYLIGHTS (Rt 66 nr Santa Rosa NM)THE FUTURE'S NOT OURS TO SEE (Rt 66 nr Santa Rosa NM)OBEY (Rt 66 Conway TX)TRASHED GAS (Rt 66 Conway TX)FREE HUGS (Rt 66 Conway TX)WINDOW WITHOUT A VIEW (Rt 66 Conway TX)POET'S CORNER (Rt 66 Conway TX)YOU ARE MY * SUNSHINE (Rt 66 Conway TX)