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The term "Drive-In" was used both for theaters, and restaurants with carhop service. This gallery only includes outdoor theaters, not conventional indoor theaters.

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THAT'S ALL FOLKS! (Rt 66 Carthage MO)LINEUP UNDER NEON (Rt 66 Carthage MO)FORD FAIRLANE ('55) AT DRIVE-IN (Rt 66 Carthage MO)THREE NEON BANDS & 66 (Rt 66 Carthage MO)FIVE NEON BANDS & 66 (Rt 66 Carthage MO)FIVE NEON BANDS & OBLIQUE 66 (Rt 66 Carthage MO)SNACK ATTACK (Rt 66 Carthage MO)DINING DISCUSSION (Rt 66 Carthage MO)PICK-UP TRUCK BED (Rt 66 Carthage MO)FLAG & 66 DRIVE-IN (Rt 66 Carthage MO)RT 66 DRIVE IN (Rt 66 Weatherford OK)E (Rt 66 Mitchell IL)BEL DR (SOLARIZED) (Rt 66 Mitchell IL)NOW PLAYING (Rt 66 Mitchell IL)EL DRIVE (Rt 66 Mitchell IL)HOLIDAY (Rt 66 Springfield MO)MURAL WOMEN (Rt 66 Williams AZ)FOOTHILL AZUSA DRIVE-IN SIGN (Rt 66 Azusa CA)MIDWAY (Lincoln Highway nr Prairieville IL)DRIVE-IN #1 (National Road Brownsville PA)