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This gallery celebrates life in motion on the Lincoln Highway in random order. Speeds range from a crawl in Times Square, to 70 MPH (110 km/h) or above.

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AMISH LEFT (Lincoln Highway Wooster OH)FLAG & BIKE (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)TRACTOR GAS (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)CROWD SCENE ON TUCKER (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)DESIGNATED DRIVER (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)MOTORCYCLE BEFORE BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)MURAL AND MUSTANG (Lincoln Highway Sterling IL)IN MOTION (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)WESTBOUND BIKE, EASTBOUND FORD (Lincoln Highway Wood River NE)SIGN, CORN, CAR & BRICKS (Lincoln Highway Elkhorn NE)MOTORCYCLE ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)JOHN DEERE GENERAL PURPOSE (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)CAR ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)BUS BACK WINDOW (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)CHEVY PICKUP ON BRIDGE (Lincoln Highway Tama IA)PUMP & CATTLE TRUCK (Lincoln Highway Belle Plaine IA)THREE HEADLIGHTS, THREE PEOPLE (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)TUCKER AND WOMAN (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)THE SPECTATORS (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)TUCKER AND PHOTOGRAPHER (Lincoln Highway Kearney NE)