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This gallery offers a sampler of designs typical of the decade.

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HOLLINGSWORTH MOTEL SIGN (Lincoln Highway NE)THE PINK FIN (Rt 66 Oklahoma City)STATE TROOPER ('51 Ford) (Rt 66 Vinita OK)CHEVY BEL AIR AND ADMIRER ('55) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)HUDSON HORNET CHROME ('50s) (Rt 66 Galena KS)BUICK AND KIDDIE CAR ('59) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)SHOPPER CHROME ('58 DeSoto) (Rt 66 Vinita OK)RED FIN #1 ('59 Chevy) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)PUMPS AND VEHICLES (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)PACKARD, PELICAN, PAVEMENT (@'50) (Rt 66 Adrian TX)OLDSMOBILE WORLD ('55) (Rt 66 Vinita OK)PAINTED ON (Rt 66 Cadillac Ranch TX)RED GMC TRUCK AT HACKBERRY (Rt 66 Hackberry AZ)SEASHELL GRILLE ('54 Kaiser Darrin) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)WHITEWALL & FENDER SKIRT (@'52 Mercury) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)FUZZY DICE ('59 Chevy) (Rt 66 Litchfield IL)TWIN-H POWER HUDSON (@'50) (Rt 66 Galena KS)ROY'S SIGN #1 (Rt 66 Amboy CA)BUICK PORTHOLES ('55) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)OVER THE TOP CHROME ('55 Ford) (Rt 66 Sapulpa OK)