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Enjoy yourself on the Lincoln Highway in Nevada! Images from Wendover appear in both the UT and NV galleries. This gallery is being developed and includes images from the 2015 Henry B. Joy Tour.

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NEON NIGHT (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)NEVADA & CAR (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)HOTEL NEVADA (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)NEON NEVADA & FLAG (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)MOUNTAIN VIEW (Lincoln Highway Schellbourne NV)PASSING PACKARD (Lincoln Highway nr Ely NV)FLAT FORD (Lincoln Highway nr Eureka NV)SIGN DETAIL #1 (Lincoln Highway Reno NV)DESERT HIGHWAY & PACKARD (Lincoln Highway nr Eureka NV)FRAMED VISTA (Lincoln Highway Schellbourne NV)SIDEWALK SCENE (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)REFLECTIONS ON BIKES (Lincoln Highway Ely NV)FLAT (Lincoln Highway Schellbourne NV)CASINO CEILING (Lincoln Highway West Wendover NV)CASINO CEILING #2 (Lincoln Highway West Wendover NV)HAZEN MARKET (Lincoln Highway Hazen NV)IT'S HAPPENING (Lincoln Highway Hazen NV)CHOW (Lincoln Highway Fallon NV)LONELIEST ROAD #1 (Lincoln Highway Hazen NV)URBAN SCENE #1 (Lincoln Highway Fallon NV)